Hiatus Is Over!

Posted by Ashley Williams-Anthony on

Hiatus is over!  My oh my, how I have missed you guys! We are back and we are busy working on making Body & Spa Creations the best company for all things self-care.  Follow along with us as we craft custom creations for your self care needs. 


What am I up to these days? Currently, I am organizing the inventory and holding a liquidation sale on the eentire site for all existing inventory.  50% every order of $50 or more! Check out the great savings!   

I am also collaborating on business direction , designing new labels, and planning new products.   Much research and product formulation was done during the hiatus and I am excited to bring those creations to life.  Loyalty coupon codes will also be sent out to existing customers once the new shop is ready to open! I want to thank everyone who has ever ordered or shown support!  You guys are the reason I keep going! 


Stay tuned for more updates and announcements!