Bath House Collection

Handmade Soaps: Beautiful fragrant soaps, made in small batches. Each soap is handcrafted with great attention to beauty and quality.  These bars are designed with captivating colors, rich butters, premium oils and toxin-free fragrances.  Our soap formulas are customized to meet a variety of skincare needs. 

Body Polish Scrubs: These scrubs use natural cane sugar, natural sea salt, nourishing coconut oil, and gentle vegan soap to polish your skin. 

Bath Bombs: Fizzy and bubbly blends with delicate scents, botanicals, essential oils, and skin-loving hemp oil. Each bath bomb is at least 4.8 oz and is wrapped in biodegradable bamboo film. As this is a handcrafted product, weight and color may vary slightly.

Bath Salts: Epsom salt and Pink Himalayan salt are infused with delicate scents, botanicals, essential oils, and skin-loving oils that will work their wonders on your muscles and skin. 

 Bath Accessories: Our bath accessories are the perfect pairings to preserve and elevate your self-care products.  Soap savers ensure that your soaps drain properly and last longer.  African bath nets provide a beautiful lather while helping to remove dry skin.  Wooden scoops make product use easier.  Enjoy the total self care experience with our accessories.